Friday, February 2, 2018

WP-AOG Update February 2018

Career Services:
Learn more about WPAOG’s Career Services by visiting Current and WPAOG job postings are also posted there.  The next Service Academy Career Conference will be taking place March 1-2, 2018 in Savannah, Georgia.  To register, please visit

Did you know you can support the Long Gray Line when you shop with Amazon? Just go to and use your Amazon login. Search for “Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy” and select to support. Remember to go to each time you shop and the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price for eligible items to WPAOG. You may also choose to visit several different online retailers through Shop Thru the Heart ( and generate donations from Agora Worldwide.

New WPAOG RBHH Program Wins Two CASE Gold Awards:
In 2017, WPAOG launched  the Rockbound Highland Home Program (RBHH) to welcome graduates back to West Point and assist them with navigating post security procedures, offer special access to select MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) facilities and services, and provide “insider” tours for graduates and their guests. Recently, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) held its District II Accolades Awards Program, recognizing outstanding work in the area of advancement, for more than 700 organizations. The Rockbound Highland Home Program received two Gold Awards, one each in the areas of “Alumni Relations” and “Alumni Relations Events & Affinity Programs,” beating out Villanova, Georgetown and Princeton.

Visit the Grad Insider Tour homepage to learn more and book your *tour today! If you have any questions, please reach out via email or phone at RockboundHighlandHome@wpaog.orgor 845-446-1622.
*Attendees must be able to walk up to two miles in non-handicap accessible areas.

WPAOG’s 150th Anniversary message:
For widest dissemination, I am sharing the below note again from Deirdre Dixon ’84, the Chair of the 150th Planning Committee, and a member of our WPAOG Board of Directors. 

“As you may have heard at the 2017 Leaders Conference, the West Point Association of Graduates will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019! A special committee of the Board of Directors and staff at Herbert Hall have been working hard to plan for this special occasion.  I heard many of you at the conference who wanted more information about the celebration. The email below should help you better understand and prepare for the events. 

This mission is to coordinate, conduct, and support activities associated with WPAOG’s 150th Anniversary to further the cohesiveness of the Long Gray Line and to advance WPAOG’s capabilities to serve West Point and the Long Gray Line in the decades ahead. Through WPAOG communications, messaging, and events, we’ll raise awareness and excitement around this anniversary with the goals of increasing participation, honoring the past, and preparing for the future.

The 150th Anniversary will be celebrated throughout 2019, with articles in West Point Magazine and “This Day in History” fun facts shared through social media and at events. On May 22, 2019, WPAOG will coordinate a virtual toast for all graduates to mark the official birthday of our alumni association. A special celebration dinner will be held during the August 2019 Leaders Conference. Societies will be able to get Distinguished Society Award points for marking the 150th Celebration in some way.

As a key volunteer for West Point, we hope to engage your assistance in celebrating this milestone. This year, WPAOG is doing a myriad of things to build awareness. In 2019, we’d like to offer memorabilia to Societies and Classes organizing events that can enhance your special event and allow your guests to share in the celebration. A survey to Class and Society leaders will follow later this month asking for your input on the type of items that might enhance your events. In addition, WPAOG staff will work closely with the Academy to brand on-post 2019 events with the 150th theme.

Thank you for all that you do every day for your alma mater. This 150th Anniversary is a celebration of the Long Gray Line and your alumni association and its impact on the Academy and our Nation. If you have questions, please feel free to email me or direct your questions to” Deirdre Dixon ’84, Chair of 150th Planning Committee, Member of the WPAOG Board of Directors

WPAOG Job Postings: 
The latest WPAOG job postings are available online at Currently these are the positions posted: 
  •       Vice President of Alumni Support
                     Stewardship Coordinator
                     Temporary Great Hall Representative
                     Temporary Event Assistants
                     Temporary Sales Associates

Did you know?
Did you know that Widows/Widowers of our deceased graduates automatically become Associate Members of WPAOG and will continue to receive West Point Magazine


Cathy Kilner ‘90
Director, Class Services

West Point Association of Graduates
698 Mills Road West Point, NY 10996
Phone: 845.446.1563

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tom Rozman: e-Veritas (RMC's alumni Association) Weekly Magazine - Leadership Vignette Series

Tom Rozman: Leadership Approaches That Get the Job Done

Tom Rozman: Reconstituting an Overseas Platoon on a Mission of High Sensitivity

Tom Rozman: The Reward for Doing Well

No Time for Platoon ARTEPS in a Mechanized Battalion

Reorganizing a Mechanized Infantry Company

Supporting a National Guard Mechanized Infantry Company 

Rebuilding a University ROTC Cadet Corps and more

Tom Rozman: The AWOL M16

Tom Rozman: A Battalion Commander’s Determination

Tom Rozman: American & German cooperation with a Canadian connection

Tom Rozman: Confronting a “perfect storm” And Beating It

Tom Rozman: Teamwork top to bottom

Tom Rozman: Riot Control Duty—Reinforcing Company C


Thursday, January 25, 2018

John Mearsheimer '70 ( SENDS: Two joint interviews with Andy Bacevich (’69) assessing Obama’s foreign policy during his two terms in the White House.

 John Mearsheimer '70 ( SENDS: Two joint interviews with Andy Bacevich (’69) assessing Obama’s foreign policy during his two terms in the White House. 

We recently did two similar interviews assessing Trump’s foreign policy during his first year in office.

I thought I would pass the two new interviews along in case anyone might be interested.

I hope this note finds you all well. 

Best. John

Friday, November 3, 2017

For Classmates Attending Army Navy Football Game this Year -

Update on 50th Reunion Gift Campaign

We have had a very good start to The 1970 Campaign for West Point – our class initiative to fund a significant and meaningful gift to USMA on the occasion of our 50 year reunion.  As you know, that gift is to fully endow the cadet-focused, Army Cyber Institute-sponsored conference named for our class: The Class of 1970 Cyber Leaders Conference.

The Superintendent has expressed his personal thanks to the Class for the choice of our legacy gift – see below.

After the first full month of the campaign, we have received pledges for more than one half of our target gift amount of $2.5 million. The first few months of the campaign will be critical, and we are off to a fine start.  Many thanks to all of you who have helped us surpass the halfway point.

Our class participation rate to date in the campaign is around 29%, so we still have plenty of work to do to reach both our target goal and to beat the record participation rate (held by the Class of 1965) of 89%.  Hopefully, you have been contacted personally (or soon will be) by one or more of our classmates to ask for your support.

Again, thanks to all our classmates who have given generously, and thank you for considering to join those who have pledged to support the campaign.  If you haven't done so already, please consider a donation/pledge so we can finalize this class legacy gift by our 50th Reunion (17-20 May 2020).  Visit

Serve With Integrity!
Steve Strom
Class Giving Officer

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Needing USMA 1970 Memorial Articles! Help!!

USMA 1970 is soliciting classmates to write “Memorial Articles” in accordance with the guidance from AOG found here: 

We would like to be "up to date” with these Memorial Articles  by our 50th reunion 17-20 May 2020. Some of our classmates (well known and admired) died shortly after graduation and still do not have a memorial article!

Delayed articles are a disservice to our classmates (and their families) and a blemish to our Class! 

If you are interested in helping, please visit this site  and let our Class Scribe, Earl Albright, know at 

Here is a list of USMA 1970 Memorial Articles needed as of 20 July 2017, by USCC Regiment and Cadet Company at Graduation, 1970.  Last column is date of death.


Kulungowski, Michael AlexanderA110/8/15
Avery, Jimmie StewartC110/20/15
McGill, John LandellD16/13/11
Lucia, Arthur CharlesF11/13/09
Reyen, Daniel WordsworthF111/16/13
Britton, Barry JoeG112/16/16
Roberts, C. JohnH17/3/10
Forbes, John MorrisH11/22/16
McDugald, John CurtisH12/10/17
Reitz, John WilliamI18/1/16
Kelly, Maximiliano BoscoA23/19/16
Sobul, Anthony WilliamB210/30/05
Brenner, John CharlesB211/5/15
Stockton, Douglas EdwardC27/7/12
Young, Robert StevenC27/18/12
Smith, Brian MarshallD26/27/17
Williams, Ross ClaudeE27/23/92
McClellan, John MercerE22/12/17
Forinash, David RalphF210/7/03
Ambrose, Walter JosephG23/23/15
Brigadier, John DavidH210/19/01
Henly, Larry LandisH24/16/02
Muir, David NealH28/7/16
Maxwell, Sean EganI26/10/92
Rorick, Kurt WilliamI211/29/13
Pavlick, John JosephA311/13/08
Henderson, Larry KeithA35/9/14
Floria, Rolando NocaB32/6/13
Schmidt, William PaulC32/7/09
McChesney, Thomas SharpD31/14/05
Davis, Brian CampbellD37/12/08
Krebs, Timothy EdwardD35/24/12
Cortese, David WalterD37/7/17
Hume, William StephenE310/29/03
Saunders, William AlbertE37/21/16
Ross, Victor LeonardF32/2/14
Shadis, Thomas AnthonyG36/12/16
Mullady, Michael PatrickH312/11/92
Wilkins, Lawrence BohemarH32/4/12
Carter, Roland WalterH37/24/12
Krueger, Larry WarrenI37/6/98
Spinney, George MichaelI35/23/12
Murphy, Michael PeterI36/3/14
Kenevan, Robert JohnA48/22/15
Spivy, Peter BramletteB42/25/12
Minor, Gerald CountsD47/8/17
Ferraro, Joseph FrancisF46/5/71
Costello, Thomas MichaelF49/16/02
Stockwell, Vernon RayH47/12/70
Helgerson, Earle HowardH44/1/03
Kelley, Richard HughH412/15/12
Abbott, John CharlesI46/23/04

Note that the complete list of departed classmates (including those with already written Memorial Articles) is on our class website, (“About Us”, “Needed Memorial Articles”).

Problems with this email or our class website - please let me know.